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Alquin -  Hilversum, The Netherlands    17 October 2009
Landgoed Zonnestraal,

CD 1; The Mission, Minnie Minou, Lilie's Notebook, Revolution's Eve, Soft-Eyed Woman, Terror Eyes, Sailors & Sinners

CD 2; Medley (incl. Return to the Blue Planet, I Wish I Could tease, Fool in the Mirror, Not in a Million Years),Kite Runner, Band Introduction, Behind the Tree, New Guinea Sunrise, Don and Dewey > Mr. Barnum's Jr.'s, Magnificent and Fabulous City, The Dance

Michel van Dijk (lead vocals)
Ferdinand Bakker (guitar, vocals)
Dick Franssen (keyboards)
Job Tarenskeen (drums, percussion)
Ronald Ottenhoff (saxophone, flute)
Walter Latuperissa (bass, vocals)

Arena   The Hannover Room   October 11 - 2005
Musikzentrum Hannover Germany

Disk 1; William Tell Overture, Bedlam Jayre, A Crack In The Ice, Midas Vision, The Hanging Tree, State Of Grace, Breathe, Smoke And Mirrors, Purgatory Road, Witch Hunt, Waiting For The Road.

Disk 2; Medusa, Serenity, The Shattered Room, City Of Lanterns/Riding The Tide, Chosen, Skin Game, Ememy Without, Friday's Dream, Crying For Help VJJ, Jericho





  Jack Bruce And Friends New Haven, Ct.  December 29, 1980
Toad's Place
Jack Bruce: bass & lead vocals, marmonica
Clem Clempson: guitar
David Sancious: keyboards & guitar
Billy Cobham: drums

audience tape trade (maybe 2nd gen.) >
played on Nak. 300 into soundforge 4.5 (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
runtime: 131:03 (minutes/seconds)

disc 1 60:53 ; tightrope > 3:21,white room 6:01,hit and run 5:45,Clem's blues > 4:49,livin' without ya 4:44 ,postwar 12:27
dancing on air > in this way 10:24 (tape flip, spliced),theme from an imaginary western 6:07,facelift 318 7:10

disc 2 70:07 ; there's a forest > morning story > tightrope 15:49,drum solo 9:17,politician (cuts near end of song) 7:56
train time (Jack on harmonica) 5:43,keyboard solo > 9:16, bird alone 8:28, sunshine of your love >
dancin' with Mr. D! (Rolling Stones, instrumental) sunshine reprise > 11:09, spoonful 2:18   




Camel       Roxy Road        Februari 15 - 1979
Roxy Theatre Los Angeles

 Disk 1; Earthrise, First Light, Unevensong, Song Within A Song, The Sleeper, Supertwister, The White Rider, Tell Me, Rhayader, Rhayader Goes To Town.

Disk 2; La Princesse Perdue, Rainbows End, Echoes, Never Let Go, One Of These Days


  The Cure   Full Moon Concert   july 6 - 1990
Leysin  Switserland





The Cure   Bloodflowers   Februari 7 - 2000
Paris Promo Show







  David Bowie  -  New York  15 February, 1973
Radio City Music Hall,   Very good quality stereo recording.

CD1; Intro, Hang Onto Yourself, Ziggy Stardust, Changes, Soul Love, John, I'm Only Dancing, Drive-In Saturday, Five Years, Space Oddity, My Death

CD 2; The Supermen, Aladdin Sane, Panic In Detroit, Moonage Daydream, Width Of A Circle, Time, Let's Spend The Night Together, Watch That Man, Suffragette City, Rock N'Roll Suicide


  Dream Theatre  Uncovered    januari 31 - 1995




  Dream Theatre   Rotterdamned  Rotterdam


Eric Burdon   San Francisco 1970
Black Man's Burdon
Paint it black medley, Spirit, Nights in white satin medley, Sun/Moon, Pretty colors, Gum, Jimbo,Barre back ride,Home cooking, They can't take away our music.
  Eric Burdon   Minniapolis   April 1989
Very rare soundboard recording of the Eric Burdon Band playing at the 1st. Avenue Club in Minneapolis, April 1989. This is the only show from 1989 I know of, but there might be others. I know that Eric also toured Australia in '89, but no shows have turned up.
The songs performed, are a mix of classic Animals tunes, mixed with quite a bit of new material from Eric's album I Used To Be An Animal, released on Striped Horse in 1988. However, things didn't go to well, and as you can hear, Eric isn't very satisfied with it. For the intro of Don't Give A Damn, he states:

"This a new song, it's from my new album which you never find, 'cause the record company's out of fuckin' buisness... That means and instant collectible, get it while you can!"

Also included are rare perfomances of I Used To Be An Animal/The Dream, American Dreams, New Orleans Rap and Going Back To Memphis. The set closes with the jam numbers Louie Louie and Lawdy Miss Clawdy, the former excisting in only a few other versions.

Excellent quality, transferred in lossles wave from 2nd. generation tape by yours truly, using a Grundig RR 640 CD tape deck and a Zoom H4 handy recorder. File splitting, fading and volume boost done in Cubase SX3. Conversion to flac and torrent made with Trader's Little Helper.


01 - I Used To Be An Animal/The Dream
02 - American Dreams
03 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place *
04 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
05 - Don't Give A Damn
06 - Spill The Wine
07 - Going Back To Memphis
08 - It's My Life/Don't Bring Me Down
09 - No More Elmore
10 - New Orleans Rap
11 - Eric's Lament/House of the Rising Sun
12 - Louie Louie
13 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy


Eric Burdon - vocals
Jamie Moses - guitar
Andy Giddings - keys
John McKenzie - Bass
Adrien Shepard - drums
Michael Jackson - bass *
Eric Burdon and Robby Krieger The Detroit Tapes 1990


  Eric Burdon and Brian Auger Band  Cheiming -  Germany   ? - ? - 1992

Great recording of Eric Burdon-Brian Auger Band's performance at Chieming, Germany, sometime during 1992. I received this tape in a trade some years back, I reckon it's a 2nd or 3d generation tape. Transfered from the tape with a Grundig tape player (don't remember the model), into lossless wave with Cubase. File splitting also done here. Converted and torrented with Trader's Little helper.

The sound quality is really good, and the band was on fire this evening. Long, jammy renditions of the songs, the take on We Gotta... is one of the longest known on record. The split between side A and B on the tape is a bit faulty, so the intro of Roadhouse Blues is a bit distorted. I tried to "glue" them together, but there's a tiny snippet missing, so it was pointless. Also, I reckon due to lack of tape, No More Elmore is incomplete. I've added a fade to normalize the end.


01 - Don't Bring Me Down
02 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
03 - Monterey
04 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
05 - I Just Want To Make Love To You
06 - Roadhouse Blues
07 - Spill The Wine
08 - Tobacco Road
09 - Brian's "German" Bandintro
10 - No More Elmore (incomplete). 

Karma Auger: drums
Brian Auger: keyboards
Dave Meros: bass
Larry Wilkins: guitar
Eric Burdon: vocals

Eric Burdon and Brian Auger Band   May 10 - 1993   
Access All Areas Live      Excellent recording.
Recorded Belly Up Taverne, Solana Beach California USA

CD1; Introduction, Don't bring me down, Misunderstoot intro, Don't let me be misunderstoot, Monterey, We gotta get out of this place, I just want make love to you, Roadhouse blues, When I was young, It's my life, Spill the wine.

CD2; River deep mountain high, Bring it on home to me, No more Elmor James, band introductions, Tobacco road, Sky pilot, Rising sun guitar intro, House of the rising sun, Sixteen tons. 

  Eric Burdon and The Animals   Adelaide  Australia   March 30 - 2000
Eric Burdon and The Animals      July 16 - 2008
Hippiefest Greek Theatre    Los Angeles CA
We gotta get out of this place, San Francisco nights, Don't bring me down, When I was young, It's my life, Paint it black, House of the rising sun, Boom boom.
Eric Burdon and The Animals      June 24 - 2011
Santa Cruz   Early show
Don't let me be misunderstoot, 44 Blues, San Francisco nights, When I was young, Boom boom, It's my life, House of the rising sun, You got me floating.


Eric Burdon and The Animals      June 24 - 2011
Santa Cruz    Late show
Introductions, Spill the wine,
We gotta get out of this place, San Francisco nights, Don't bring me down, When I was young, It's my life, Paint it black, House of the rising sun, Boom boom.
Eric Burdon and The Animals      July 16 - 2008
Hippiefest Greek Theatre    Los Angeles CA
We gotta get out of this place, San Francisco nights, Don't bring me down, When I was young, It's my life, Paint it black, House of the rising sun, Boom boom.
Eric Burdon  Vienna -  Austria     July 10 - 2013
Venue; Arkadenhof
Lineage: Edirol R-09 (internal mics) > EAC > FlacFrontend

01 Introduction
02 When I Was Young
03 Inside Looking Out
04 Water
05 Spill the Wine
06 Wait
07 Black Dog
08 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/River is rising
09 Crawling King Snake
10 Before You Accuse Me
11 Bo Diddley Special
12 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
13 The House of the Rising Sun

1st encore
14 I'm Crying
15 It's My Life
16 Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
17 Boom Boom

Eric Burdon - vocals
Eric McFadden - guitar
Billy Watts - guitar
Terry Wilson - bass
Red Young - Hammond B3
Teresa James - keyboards
Tony Braunagel - drums
Wally Ingram - percussion
  Eric Burdon  Notodden -  Norway     August 3 - 2013
Venue; Notodden bluesfestival

This was the last show of the 2013 European summer tour, and the band played an efficient set, skipping all the talk and messing around between songs. They only had a 1,5 hour slot before the Tedeschi-Trucks band were due onstage, and this was a mid-day gig (14.30). The band was loud, the sound pretty good, and the recording came out good. Eric wasn't terribly inspired, but all inn all pretty good. A bit fun to hear him scream "The SUN came out!!" when the sun broke thru the clouds after a terrible downpour earlier ("You guys got plenty of water!"). The weather was almost exactly the same as when he last visited the festival in 2011, but this time it cleared during their set.

Recorded in lossless PCM wave 16 bit/44.100 kHz with a Zoom H4 stereo recorder.
Volume boost, EQ + track split: Cubase SX3
Flac converson (level 8) + torrent stuff: Trader's Little Helper

01 - When I Was Young-Inside Looking Out
02 - Water
03 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
04 - Spill the Wine
05 - Wait
06 - Black Dog
07 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place-The River Is Rising
08 - Baby Please Don't Go/Crawling Kingsnake
09 - Before You Accuse Me
10 - Bo Diddley Special
11 - It's My Life
12 - House of the Rising Sun

No encores.

Eric Burdon - vocals
Theresa James - keyboards, BV, flute
Billy Watts - guitar, BV
Eric McFadden - guitar, BV
Terry Wilson - bass, BV
Red Young - B3, keys, BV
Tony Braunagel - drums
Wally Ingram - percussion


  FLYING COLORS   - Torrance, CA     September 4, 2012
Torrance Cultural Arts Center

Neal Morse - Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Portnoy - Drums, Vocals
Steve Morse - Guitar
Dave Larue - Bass
Casey McPherson - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Oade Bros. micro-mics>Sony TCD-D100 DAT>Audacity>AIFF>FLAC\

1. Blue Ocean, 2. Shoulda Coulda Woulda, 3. Love Is What I'm Waiting For, 4. Can't Find a Way, 5. The Storm, 6. Need Title (Steve Morse)
7. Forever In a Daze, 8. Better Than Walking Away, 9. All Fall Down, 10. Fool In My Heart, 11. Untitled , 12. June, 13. Kayla
14. Everything Changes, 15. Infinite Fire

Recorded and seeded by interlude 2.


  Genesis    Albert A La Carte  Montreal
  Genesis    Another Trick        Hamburg



  Herman Brood and His Wild Romance -- Houston  14 juli 1979
Houston Music Hall - Houston, Texas




  IQ  Margin Call Bochem 
  IQ  Subteranea   Tilburg  
  IQ  Live at Progfest    Wilts 



  Jetrho Tull  Song From The Wooden Grammophone
  Jethro Tull  Colorado Springs 



Kayak  Popkaravaan
Duinrel  Wassenaar   10 july 1979
Kayak  Muziekfestival
Merwedehal  Dordrecht  28 december 1979
Kayak   Live in Nijmegen  17 july 1980
Kayak  Gooiland  Hilversum   26 april 2003
  Keane   The 100 club





Led Zeppelin   The Jimi Page Experience        2 CD        San Francisco     27-04-69

  BBC Session Recordings        2 CD        Paris                   01-04-71
  New Orleans                     3 CD        New Orleans       14-05-73
  Earl’s Court                                4 CD                           24-05-75
  Destroyer                           2 CD        Cleveland            1977   ***
  The Dragon Snake                3 CD        Houston              may 21/77
  Knebworth Fair                   3 CD                           04-08-79
  Live in Rotterdam         2 CD        Rotterdam           1980   ***
  Hotter Than The Hindenburg        1 CD        Frankfurt             1980   **




Manfred Mann’s Earth band    Mann Alive                         2 CD        European tour      1998

Neil Morse  Title: Testimony 2 Zoetermeer   Date: 04 june 2011
Type: Audience  Tour: Testimony 2
Location: De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Rating: A- (rated by taper)
Catalog: MVD-084

SOURCE: Church ST-11 Cards - Church pre-amp STC-9000 (high pass filter on) - 
iRiver H340 (44.1 kHz) - HDD - FLAC
Recorded by Symfan

Disc 1- Catalogue - 01 Intro02 Beware of Darkness03 Leviathan04 - Neal Talking05 The Separated Man 06 - Neal Talking07 Seeds of Gold-Testimedley1-08 Rejoice09 Oh Lord, My God10 God's Theme 2
Disc 2 - Testimony 2 -01 Mercy Street02 Overture No. 403 Time Changer04 Jayda05 Nighttime Collectors06 Time Has Come Today07 Jesus' Blood08 The Truth Will Set You Free09 Chance of aLifetime10Jesus Bring Me Home11 Road Dog Blues12 It's for You13 Crossing Over / Mercy Street Reprise
Disc 3- Encore - 01 Reunion


Muse  Ziggo Dome Amsterdam The Netherlands  17th December 2012 
Taper: Ian Macdonald 

 SET LIST:  01. [03:54] The 2nd Law: Unsustainable 02. [05:09] Supremacy 03. [04:39] Hysteria 04. [03:59] Panic Station 05. [05:24] Resistance 06. [04:19] Supermassive Black Hole 07. [04:25] Animals 08. [02:07] [drum and bass solo] 09. [05:51] Explorers 10. [04:11] Sunburn 11. [04:33] Time Is Running Out 12. [03:53] Liquid State 13. [04:56] Madness 14. [04:08] Follow Me 15. [04:07] Undisclosed Desires 16. [04:31] Plug In Baby 17. [00:38] [roulette video moment] 18. [08:15] New Born 19. [01:16] [encore break] 20. [04:29] The 2nd Law: Isolated System 21. [06:11] Uprising 22. [08:37] Knights Of Cydonia 23. [03:28] [encore break] 24. [00:28] [band introduction] 25. [04:34] Starlight 26. [05:58] Survival  Total running time: 114:00   

RECORDING:  Type: Audience master, recorded from first ring, section 106, row 7, seat 185. The distance from the PA was too far to accurately estimate, but must have been in the region of 50 metres.  Source: Factory-matched pair of Schoeps CCM 41V microphones (DINa mounted) -> Marantz PMD661 recorder with Oade Concert Mod (-18 dB gain/44.1 kHz/24 bit WAV)  Lineage: Audacity 2.0.2            * applied variable amplification for consistency across recording            * attenuation of sound of audience            * added fades            * split tracks            * converted to 16 bit          -> FLAC (compression level 8) [libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917]

Muse  Zenith Strasbourg  19th December 2012 
Taper: loftarasa 

 1. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable  2. Supremacy 3. Interlude 4. Hysteria 5. Panic Station 6. Bliss  7. Supermassive Black Hole 8. Animals 9. Knights Of Cydonia 10. Monty Jam 11. Explorers  12. Time Is Running Out 13. Liquid State 14. Madness 15. Follow Me 16. Undisclosed Desires 17. Plug In Baby 18. Stockholm Syndrome 19. The 2nd Law: Isolated System 20. Uprising 21. Encore Break 22. Starlight 23. Survival 24. Outro 














Page & Plant  Second Flight                        2 CD        San Jose            20/05/95     *****

  Lakeshore Arena                        2 CD        New Orleans       10-01-98

Procol Harum

BBC Live in Concert             1 CD                           1974   ****


  PROCOL HARUM    June 17, 2001
Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK    w/ The Halle Orch. & Halle Choir
Nicholas Dodd, conductor  Keith Orrell,Chorus Master

CD 1: (53:10) Homburg, Simple Sister, Grand Hotel, Holding On, Conquistador, Strangers in Space, Man with a Mission, Repent Walpurgis

CD 2: (52:25) Ghost Train,Pandora's Box,Fires (Which Burnt Brightly),Butterfly Boys,A Salty Dog,Into the Flood,A Whiter Shade of Pale
encores, Grand Finale, I'll be Satisfied


  PROCOL HARUM    November - 16 - 2003
Jovel Music Hall Muenster Germany

Rec. Info:3rd show of 2003 German tour (11/14-12/04)
OKM2R->Sony MZR700->ALCrec->Soundengine->
WAV->CDR (in 2003)-> EAC (Secure Mode)->
This is one of my best recordings. The sound at Jovel was crystal clear and the audiencewell behaved.

DISC 1 (48:09); Underture -> Shine on brightly, Pandora's box, An old english dream, Whaling stories, Shadow boxed, Simple sister, The idol,The VIP room

DISC 2 (43:08); Weisselklenzenacht ,The emperor's new clothes, She belongs to me ,As strong as Samson, A salty dog
Conquistador --- Encore -- Audience noise ,Good Captain Clack ,A whiter shade of pale

At that time, still 2 original members...and some fine musicians to fill for the others missing...

GARY BROOKER - piano vocals
MATT PEGG - bass
PROCOL HARUM    July - 14 - 2012
Westbury  NY   with YES

NYCB Theater at Westbury

Gary Brooker - vocals, piano
Geoff Whitehorn - guitar
Geoff Dunn - drums
Matt Pegg - bass
Josh Phillips - hammond organ

A Kitty Lickin' Discs Production

Disc One, Wall Street Blues, As Strong As Samson, Pandora's Box, Homburg, An Old English Dream, A Salty Dog, Simple Sister, Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Conquistador

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-8 > Sony PCM-M10 > USB > Wavelab 6.1 > CDWAV > FLAC 

Recorded by: Relayer35

PROCOL HARUM    July - 21 - 2012
Boston  MA   with YES

Bank of America Pavilion

Gary Brooker - vocals, piano
Geoff Whitehorn - guitar
Geoff Dunn - drums
Matt Pegg - bass
Josh Phillips - hammond organ

A Kitty Lickin' Discs Production

Disc One, Wall Street Blues, As Strong As Samson, Pandora's Box, Homburg, An Old English Dream, A Salty Dog, Simple Sister, Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Conquistador

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-8 > Sony PCM-M10 > USB > Wavelab 6.1 > CDWAV > FLAC 

Recorded by: Relayer35

PINK FLOYD   Copenhagen, Denmark   23 Sept 1971
KB Hallen

Disc 1
1. Careful With That Axe Eugene
2. Fat Old Sun
3. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
4. Cymbaline

Disc 2
1. Echoes
2. A Saucerful of Secrets
3. Blues (artwork says "Celestial Voices")

PINK FLOYD  The Complete Zabriskie Sessions





  PINK FLOYD  Last Bell in Rotterdam




Qango Live in The Hood 2000





Roger Hodgson   Solotramp  Paris



Roger Waters    Pros &Cons of Live Hitchikin        2 CD        Paris                   06-07-84
  Roger Waters    Live in Quebec                                2 CD       Montreal              22-05-87

Roger Waters and The Bleeding Heart Band   May 2, 1990
Berlin Wall Rehearsals  The London Rehearsals  London, England 





  Roger Waters    Watching the Tragedy Unfold        2 CD        Houston               10-06-00
  Roger Waters   Comforting Rain                               2 CD       Buenos Aires       07-03-02
  Roger Waters    
Roger Waters  The Wall in Antwerpen   May 27  -  2011
Venue; Sportpaleis

SET 1:01. Intro02. In The Flesh?03. The Thin Ice04. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.105. The Happiest Days of our Lives06. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.207. Mother08. Goodbye Blue Sky09. Empty Spaces10. What Shall We Do Now?11. Young Lust12. One Of My Turns13. Don’t Leave Me Now14. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.315. The Last Few Bricks16. Goodbye Cruel World

SET 2:01. Hey You02. Is There Anybody Out There?03. Nobody Home04. Vera05. Bring The Boys Back Home06. Comfortably Numb07. The Show Must Go On08. In The Flesh
09. Run Like Hell


  ROGER WATERS   THE WALL   June 16, 2011
O2 World, Berlin (Germany)

Set 1 01. Intro,02. In The Flesh,03. The Thin Ice,04. Another Brick In The Wall - part 1,05. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives,06. Another Brick In The Wall - part 2,07. Mother,08. Goodbye Blue Sky,09. Empty Spaces,10. Young Lust,11. One Of My Turns,12. Don't Leave Me Now,13. Another Brick In The Wall - part 3,04. Goodbye Cruel World

Set 2 01. Hey You,02. Is There Anybody Out There,03. Nobody Home,04. Vera,05. Comfortably Numb,06. The Show Must Go On,07. In The Flesh,08. Run Like Hell,09. Waiting For The Worms,10. Stop,11. The Trial,12. Outside The Wall


  Rush    Rotterdam Holland  May 27 - 2011
Venue;  Ahoy

Set 1: 01 Video Intro (Rash: The Real History of Rush part II), 02 The Spirit of Radio, 03 Time Stand Still, 04 Presto, 05 Stick It Out,
06 Workin' Them Angels, 07 Leave That Thing Alone, 08 Faithless, 09 BU2B, 10 Freewill, 11 Marathon, 12 Subdivisions

Set 2: 13 Video Intro (Rash: The Real History of Rush part 17), 14 Tom Sawyer, 15 Red Barchetta, 16 YYZ, 17 Limelight, 18 The Camera Eye


Rolling Stones   13 juni 1976
Black and Blue in Nice

disc 1  honky tonk women if you can't rock me/get off of my cloud hand of fate hey negrita ain't too proud to beg fool to cry hot stuff star star angie you gotta move you can't always get what you want

disc 2  band introductions happy tumbling dice nothing from nothing outta space midnight rambler it's only rock'n'roll brown sugar jumping jack flash street fighting man



  Rolling Stones   New York  29.10.1989
Venue;  New York Shea Stadium 
audiotape--nakamichi tapedeck--harman&kardon 20channel equalizer--
Best recording of the NYC-89 shows,and possible best show as well.

cd 1, 1 start me up,2 bitch,3 sad sad sad,4 undercover,5 harlem shuffle,6 tumbling dice,7 miss you,8 ruby tuesday,9 play with fire,10 dead flowers,11 rock and a hard pl.,12 mixed emotions
13 honky tonk women,14 midnight rambler

cd 2, 1 you can´t allways get what you want, 2 can´t be seen,3 happy, 4 paint it black, 5 2000 light years from home,6 sympathy for the devil, 7 gimme shelter, 8 introductions, 9 it´s only r´r, 10 brown sugar, 11 satisfaction, 12 jumping jack flash, 13 outro


Rolling Stones    13 juni 1998  Neurenberg - Germany

CD 1  Opening Satisfaction Let's Spend The Night Together Flip The Switch Gimme Shelter Anybody Seen My Baby It's Only Rock'n Roll Saint Of Me Out Of Control Under My Thumb Miss You  

CD 2  Band Introductions Thief In The Night Wanna Hold You Little Queenie The Last Time Like A Rolling Stone Sympathy For The Devil Tumbling Dice Honky Tonk Women Start Me Up Jumping Jack Flash Brown Sugar 





  Spock's Beard  Downey   Sept 12 - 2010
Downey Civic Theater -  Downey


SPOCK´S BEARD  Sankt Goarshausen, Germany July 07,2012 
Amphitheatre - Freilichtbühne Loreley

Night Of The Prog Festival VII, Day 1
Source: Audience Zoom H2 Recording 
Taped by: SF 
Transferred by: SF 
Track Setting, Setlist & Re-Work: CF

Zoom H2 > 16/44 > Internal Mics Rear 120 > CD Wave > dbPowerAmp > Flac Level 8 

01 Intro, Edge Of The In-Between <technical issues> On A Perfect Day, Day For Night, Submerged, Kamikaze, The Doorway, She Is Everything, Something Very Strange, Walking On The Wild, The Light


StarCastle    New Heaven   New York  


  StarCastle    Concert Classics    

Steely Dan       10-09-93


Steve Hackett   Live in Amsterdam  
  Steve Hackett   Live in Chili     Santiago

SuperTramp  The Last Live  Munich                24-07-83    





  TRAFFIC   14 juni 1970
Venue;   Aragon Ballroom Chicago

01-Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring 02-Every Mother's Son 03-Medicated Goo 04-John Barleycorn Must Die 05-Pearly Queen 06-Stranger to himself 07-Empty Pages 08-Forty Thousand Headmen 09-Glad/Freedom Rider 10-Feeling Good/First 2 mins only TT:59 mins  Lineup Steve Winwood: voc, g, keyb. Jim Capaldi: dr, voc Chris Wood: sax & flute, keyb. Lineage: Unknown


TRANSATLANTIC   Cambridge  20 july  2000
Cambridge - USA




TRANSATLANTIC   Zodiac Club  9 november 2001
Oxford  England





TRANSATLANTIC   Astoria  10 november 2001
London   England




TRANSATLANTIC   Elysee Montmartre  11 november 2001
Paris  -  France





TRANSATLANTIC   Live Music Hall  13 november 2001
Cologne - Germany
TRANSATLANTIC   Downey  California  17 April  2010




TRANSATLANTIC   Sala Razzmatazz 2  14 may 2010
Barcelona  -  Spain
An Evening With Transatlantic




TRANSATLANTIC   013    20 may 2010
Tilburg  -   Netherlands






TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA (East Tour) Re-Mastered 12/23/2009
November 29, 2009 [Evening show]
Colonial Life Arena
Columbia, SC

Source: Digital Audience Recording
Audio Source: H2 Zoom Digital Audio > WAV 16 bit at 44,100 hz > Sony Sound Forge 9 > FLAC
Recorded by RAConn2006

This is a re-mastered version of the original evening show that I recorded on 11/29/2009. After listening to it a number of times I decided it needed some work. Harleyguy was right about the clicks. I think I have removed all of the annoying sounds (except for the woman next to me). Also changed the EQ settings and increased the high and mid-range frequencies and removed some of the low rumble. I changed the tracks just a bit too. I think it sounds much better.

Disc One; Night Enchanted, March of the Kings ,The Story Begins ,An Angel Came Down ,O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy Night
The Prince Of Peace ,First Snow ,A Mad Russian's Christmas ,Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 ,Good King Joy ,Ornament ,Old City Bar,This Christmas Day.An Angel Returned

Disc Two;The Story Ends ,Band Introductions ,Tocatta - Carpimus Noctem,The Mountain,  Believe, Queen of the Winter Night
Moon light and Madness, Siberian Sleigh Ride / And Angels Share Ending, Drum Solo,Wizards in Winter, Mozart / Figaro




Parisian Rendezvous                  2CD        Paris                    1979   **

The Sahara Of Snow                    1CD        Toronto                1978   **

Road Test                                       1CD        Cleveland            1978   **

Live in Boston                               1CD        Boston                 11/04/78   **

Alaska by night                             2CD        Toronto/Phily       06/08/78     ****

A Yello Moonover the Cresent 1CD         New Orleans       27-09-78     *****

Tour Memories                             1CD        Oslo/Boston         07-12-79
New York                                       1CD         New York            1978

Edinburg                                       1CD         Edinburg              may 5  1978




UK, Cruise To The Edge (MSC Poesia cruise ship in Caribbean), March 28, 2013
Recorded and uploaded by: tapehead2

UK Cruise To The Edge -- UK performance #1 in Teatro Carlo Felice  MSC Poesia, near eastern tip of Cuba March 28, 2013   Source: SP-CMC-8 (AT943) > SP-SPSB-10 > Edirol R-09 (24/44/1)  Transfer: SD card > wav file > Sound Studio > xACT > FLAC (level 8)  Recording location: Mid-floor  Recorded by: Tapehead2    Completely unfamiliar with UK's material I entered this show blind not knowing what to expect.   To be honest it wasn't my cup of tea however I did appreciate the musicianship.  Jobson's electric violin work was wild and intriguing and I really dug Bozzio's drumming.   01 In The Dead Of Night 02 Nevermore 03 Thirty Years 04 Carrying No Cross 05 Terry Bozzio drum solo 06 Eddie Jobson electric violin/keyboard solo 07 Night After Night 08 Caesar's Palace Blues 09 ? 10 Rendezvous 6.02 11 The Only Thing She Needs   Length: 1:43:31   John Wetton: Bass, vocals Eddie Jobson: Keyboards, electric violin Terry Bozzio: Drums Alex Machacek: Guitar    ~~~~~~~~~


  Reunion Tour
Featuring John Wetton & Eddie Jobson

Veunue; The Regency Ballroom   San Francisco CA    April 23 - 2011

In the dead of the night,By the light of the day,Presto Vivace,Danger money,Eddy talks,Thirty years, Alaska, Time to kill, Starless, Carrying no cross, drum solo, Violin solo, Book of Saturday,Eddy talks, Nevermore, One more nightmare, Crowd, Night after night, Rendevous.


U2 U2   in Seattle  4 juni 2011

Disc One: 01. Intro 02. Even Better Than The Real Thing 03. I Will Follow 04. Get On Your Boots 05. Magnificent 06. Mysterious Ways 07. Elevation 08. Until The End Of The World 09. Band intros 10. All I Want Is You 11. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) 12. Beautiful Day 13. Pride (In The Name Of Love)   Length: 60:57  

Disc Two: 01. Miss Sarajevo 02. Zooropa 03. City Of Blinding Lights 04. Vertigo 05. I'll Go Crazy / Discotheque 06. Sunday Bloody Sunday 07. Scarlet 08. Walk On 09. Aung San Suu Kyi Message 10. One 11. Where The Streets Have No Name 12. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 13. With Or Without You 14. Moment Of Surrender  Length: 74:46 

 Notes: JEMS master recording. The U2 360 Tour stop delayed from last June 20th, did not disappoint when it finally arrived in Seattle. A great show performed on the best day of the year here weather-wise (so far). Recorded from just in front of the soundboard on the field (just in front of Peter Buck, who was on the soundboard platform watching the show.) 

















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