Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman - Solo Flytes Vol. 3
2 CD set with colloborations & rare tracks
Length: 123m; Quality: A -  FM-Aud 

CD 1; Life on Mars(with Dasvid Bowie) Burid Alive(with Ozzy Osbourne) Sabra Cadabra(with Black Sabbath) Goin Down(with Lou Reed) Berlin(Lou Reed) Data Base(unreleased session 92) Lytton's Diary(unreleased session 92) Morning Has Broken(with Cat Stevens) Babylon(from promo albumWe Give A Down)Beethoven's Pathetique, Return Of The Prophet, Light up the Sky, The Hymn(with Jon Anderson) Excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII

CD 2; Space Odity(David Bowie) Oh!You Pretty Thing(David Bowie) Perry Mason(with Ozzy Osbourne) Old L.A Tonight(Ozzy Osbourne) Welcome A Star, Away the Hour, Old Admirals(with Al Steward) Merlin the Magican, The Hang Man And The Papist, Cann On Dale, Is It Love, Always With Me Always With You(with Joe Satriani, Hey Joe(live in concert The Guitars of Seville featuring, Steve Vai, Brian May, Joe Satriani, Joe Walsh.






Journeyman   Osaka  -  Japan        Januari 21 - 1975
Koseinenkin Hall   Aud

CD1; Catherine Parr, Guinevere, Catherine Howard, Merlin the magician, Anne Boylen,

CD2; Tuning... Journey to the center of the earth,The Journey, Recollection, The Battle, The Forest,The Forest (encore)

Terry Taplin - Narrator, Jeffrey Crampton - Guitars, John Hodgson - Percussion, Roger Newell - Bass, Barney James - Drums, Garry Pickford Hopkins - Vocals
Ashley Holt - Vocals, David Measham - Conductor, Tokyo Broadcasting Choir, Chambre Symphoniette

Rick Wakeman - King Biscuit Concert - San Fransisco -  December 11 - 1975
Length: 75m; Quality: A,  Aud

Journey to the center of the earth,Catherine Howard, Lancelot and the Black Knight, Anne Boylen,Arthur & Guinevere,Merlin the magician, Catherine Parr

Rick Wakeman  and the Brazilian Symhony OrchestraK -  December 13 or 14 - 1975  exact recording date unknown.

CD1; Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight, Catherine Howard, Arthur, Guinevere, Anne Boylen, Merlin the magician

CD2; The Journey, Recollection, The Battle, The Forest, Catherine Parr, Final medley; Arthur/Hall of the Mountain King.


Rick Wakeman - The King Arthur Concert - London - 12/1/77
Length: 72m; Quality: B+; Aud?

Arthur, Lady of the lake, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and the black knight, Merlin the magician, Sir Galahad, The last battle, The journey, No earthly connection, Catherine Parr


Rick Wakeman - De Doelen - Rotterdam -  May 11 - 1980
Length: 128m; Quality: B+; Aud

CD 1 : Arthur-SirGalahag-The last battle, Catherine Howard, The warning-The spaceman-The prisoner, Grand Exposure (Anne Boylen), Seahorses, Catherine Parr, The spider

CD 2 : Merlin the magician, Dania, Excerpts from Journey to the center of the earth, White rock, Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight, Big Ben Party


Rick Wakeman in  Buenos Aires  September 21 - 1981 
Live at Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires - Argentina.

CD1; 1984 Overture part I, 1984 Overture part II, War Games, Overture King Arthur, Sir Lancelot & The Black Knight, Sea Horses, Julia, The Six Waves of Henry VIII, The Proles, Journey to the Centre of the Hearth part I,  Danielle, No Name   (70:57)

CD2; Chamber of Horrors, Hymn, Anne Boleyn, Robot Man, Merlin the Magician, Journey to the Centre of the Hearth part II, Big ben / Tango, Warning man, White rock (72:47)

  The Rick Wakeman Experience London  UK   October 1 / 1987
Venue: Royal Festival Hall 
Rick Wakeman Band, BBC Radio Orchestra and Neil Richardson Singers 
SBD Source     Lineage: Silver CD - Extracted to wav with Winamp Pro 5.623 - Converted with Audacity - Flac Level 8

Rick Wakeman - Keyboards & Stories 
Tony Fernandez - Drums 
David Paton - Bass 
Ashley Holt - Vocals 
Ramon Ramedios - Vocals & Narration 
BBC Radio Orchestra conducted by Neil Richardson Chorus - The Neil Richardson Singers 

Disc One
01 Myths & Legends of King Arthur excerpts 
02 Sea Horses 
03 Welcome the Star 
04 The Hour 
05 Gone But Not Forgotten 
06 Catherine Howard 
07 Robot Man 

Disc Two 
01 White Rock 
02 Anne Boleyn 
03 Summertime 
04 Overture from 1984 
05 Journey to the Centre of the Earth excerpts 
06 After the Ball 07 Merlin the Magician
Rick Wakeman Experience  1988
Rick Wakeman  in Italy  Milan    September 20 - 1990

CD 1 : Arthur-SirGalahag-The last battle, Catherine Howard, The warning-The spaceman-The prisoner, Grand Exposure (Anne Boylen), Seahorses, Catherine Parr, The spider

CD 2 : Merlin the magician, Dania, Excerpts from Journey to the center of the earth, White rock, Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight, Big Ben Party



Rick Wakeman plays YES - Bajanor Studios - 10/01/92
Length: 122m; Quality: A+

CD 1; Roundabout, Wonderous Stories, Don't Kill The Whale, Going For The One, Siberian Khatru, Madrigal, Starship Trooper.

CD 2; The Journey Overture, The Journey, The Hansbach, Lost in Time, The Recollection, Stream Of Voices, The Battle, Liddenbrook, The Forest, Mount Etna, Journey's End, Catharine Of Aragon, Gone But Not Forgotten, Merlin The Magician.


Wakeman with Wakeman - Tilburg -  March 13 - 1993
Length: 59m, Quality: A-, Aud

Catherine of Parr, Catherine Howard, Eleanor Rigby, Seahorses, Past and present, Arthur/ The last battle, Merlin the magician


Wakeman with Wakeman - Chili -  August  13 - 1993
Quality: A-, Aud

Disc 1; Lure Of The Wild, Catherine Howard, Eloner Rigby, Past And Present, The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur, Catherine Parr.

Disc 2; Journey to the center of the earth, Merlin the magician, Paint it Black


Rick Wakeman - The Official Bootleg  - 1994
Length: 98m, Quality: A+ Aud

CD 1; Lure Of The Wild, Catherine Howard, Eloner Rigby, Past And Present, The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur, Catherine Parr.

CD 2; Journey to the center of the earth, Paint it Black

Rick Wakeman - Gastank  Volume one - TV session 1983
feat. Rick Parfitt, Tony Aston, Eric Burdon, Alvin Lee, Maggie Bell
Length: 104m, Quality: A-; FM

CD 1; Tony's intro, I Had To Laugh, Gastank thema - Rick Parfitt; Little Lady, interview, Rain,Rick Wakeman, Catherine Howard, The Climarons, He Give Unte I, Tont Aston, Cigarette song, Eric Burdon/Alvin Lee, Heart Attack, Trying To Get To You, interview, Lawdy Miss Claudy, Be Bob A Lula.

CD 2; Houseband: Wakeman,Aston, Fernandez,Cronk, Rimson, I'm An Aireplane, Gastank theme Andy Fairweather-lowe Man Smart, Woman Smarter, interview, Godley & Creme, interview, In the Midnight Hour, Tony Aston/Ronny Scott, Down On Gerrard Street. interview Ronny Scott, Rick Wakeman, Catherine Parr, Tony Aston/Maggie Bell, Blackpool's First Twist Victim, Maggie Bell, Crazy


Rick Wakeman - Gastank Volume two - TV session 1983
feat. Donovan, Chris Farlowe, Alvin Lee, Ian Paice, Suzie Quatro
Length: 101m, Quality: A-; FM  

CD 1; Tony's intro, Almost Hardcore, Gastank thema, Phil Lynett/John Sykes, Growing Man, The Man's A Feel, Wakeman/Aston, Planet Duet, Donovan, Mellow Yellow, Lalena,
Chris Farlowe, interview, Chris Farlowe/Alvin Lee/Ian Paice/Rick Parfitt, Lucille

CD 2; House Band, Alvin Lee, Rock And Roll Guitar Player, interview, Maybe Wrong, Won't Be Wrong Always, Tony Aston/Howle Casey/Ian Paice, Resurrection Shuffle, interview, Possible, Suzi Quatro, interview, Suzi Quatro/Len Tucker, Sweet Little Rock and Roller.



Rick Wakeman - Gastank  Volume three - TV session 1983
feat. Steve Harley, John Entwistle, Roy Wood, Steve Hackett
Length: 102m, Quality: A-; FM

CD 1; Tony's intro, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, Gastank thema, Steve Harley, Mister Soft, interview, Tony Aston, It's Weird, The Strawbs, The Hangman And The Papist, interview, Rick Wakeman, Eigin Mansions, Wakeman/Aston, Something Called The Blues.
John Entwistle, Twist and Shout, interview, Tony Aston/ohn Entwistle/Steve Harley, Get America

CD 2; Tony's intro, Why Oh Why, Roy Wood/Howie Casey, California Man, interview, Down To Zero, Rick Wakeman, Gene But Not Forgotten, Frankie Miller/Howie Casey, Hell Have To Go, The Climarons, Your Guilding Hands, Tony Aston, Deep Pockets, Steve Hackett, Camine Royale, interview, Steve's Boogie.


Rick Wakeman    Live Performance and interview
MPEG file  
Length: 27m, Quality: A-; FM
Artwork made by AH2002
Rick Wakeman in Santiago   September 9 - 2000
Venue/City: Estadio Chile (actual Estadio "Victor Jara"), Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Source: FM Broadcast

CD 1:, Arthur & Guiniever (This track have some interferences of radio because there was a storm this day), Lancelot and black Knight, Catherine Howard / Catherine of Aragon, The Visit, Journey to the Centre of the earth, Catherine Parr Lenght: 67:53

CD 2: Merlin the Magician, Jane Seymour, No early connection / The Prisoner, Buried alive, 1984, Starship Trooper  Lenght: 58:56


  Rick Wakeman in Sao Paulo Brazil     April 19 - 2001

CD 1:, Intro the return overture, Journey to the centre of the earth, Never isa long, long time, The miyths and legends of King Arthur,, The visit, Catherine Howard, 1984

CD 2:  Jane Seymour,Merlin the Magician, No early connection ,Catherine Parr, Hearth of the sunrise/Starship Trooper, Burried alive, Eloner rigby, The end of the return.


A Unique Journey    Recorded Live at Le Theatre Du Parc Champlain     june 30 - 2001
Trois Rivieres Quebec Canada

Complete "Return to the Centre of the earth" with orchestra and choir. Narration in French!!

CD 1 : Introduction, A Vision, The Return Overture, Mother Earth, Buried Alive, The Enigma, Is Anybody There, The Ravine, The Dance Of A Thousand Lights, The Shepherd, Mr Slow, Bridge Of Time, Never Is A Long Long Time, Tales From The Lidenbrook Sea, The Kill, Timeless History, Still Waters Run Deep, Time Within Time, Ride Of Your Life

CD 2 : Floating Globes Of Fire, Floodflames, The Volcano, The End Of The Return, Buried Alive II, Ride Of Your Life II, The Volcano II, The End Of The Return II 


Rick Wakeman in Moscow    November 24 - 2001
State Kremlin Palace Moscow  Russia
Quality A,  
FM Radio Broadcast

Jane Seymour, Music Reincarnate, Catherine Parr 1, Catherine Parr 2, Buried Alive, Eloner Rigby

Cover design by Gromek

The Yes Piano Variations - Rick Wakeman    2002

Awaken, 8.54 Hearth Of The Sunrise, 7.19 The Meeting 4.1,  Your Move 7.27, Close To The Edge 7.31, Long Distance Runaround, 9.9
Rick Wakeman -  Solo show with questions and answers   march 18 -2003
Very funny and amusing as usual
Cover design AH2006
Rick Wakeman and the New English Rock Ensemble
Recorded live in New York at the Grand Opera House
April 20 - 2003

CD 1; The Return Overture, Journey to the center of the earth, The Realisation/The Prisoner, Catherine Parr, Out There.

CD2; White Rock, Extracts from The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, The Dance of a Thousand Lights, Cathedral of the Sky, Merlin the Magician, Starship Trooper.


Rick Wakeman  -  Westbury Music Fair, Wesbury NY, USA    Oktober 23 - 2003

CD1 (
01) Pachabel Canon in D,(02) My First Song,(03) Buy a Broom - Elgin Mansions,(04) Drunk Band in Seattle(05) Wondrous Stories - The Meeting
(06) They All Think They Can Play the piano,(07) Nursery Rhyme Concerto,(08) Jon at Douglas Harbour,(09) Catherine Howard
(10) I Heard Absolutely Everything,(11) Dance of 1000 Lights(12) Push That Pedal(13) Merlin the Magician

CD02 (01) KGB Story,(02) Children of Chernobyl,(03) Mother in Thong,(04) The Hymn - And You and I,(05) I Never Got Paid,(06) Morning Has Broken
(07) Curry and Beer,(08) Jane Seymour,(09) Can't Thank You Enough,(10) Help - Eleanor Rigby,(11) Aren't Encores Stupid,(12) Clair de Lune


Rick Wakeman  -  Sommerville    Oktober 30 - 2003

Rick Wakeman  -  August 19 - 2007
Recorded live in Danforth Music Hall

CD 1; Journey to the center of the earth, The Realisation, The Spaceman, Catherine Parr, The Visit.

CD2;  Jane Seymour, Sea Horses, Wendy House, King Arthur, The Last Battle, Lancelot and the Black Knight, Merlin the Magician, Crowd Noise,   Starship Trooper.


Rick Wakeman  -  Prophet In The East     June 22 - 2008
Live in Tokyo, Japan, 22nd July 2008 (2nd show)

1. Pachelbel's Canon In D Major
2. Catherine Howard
3. Morning Has Broken
4. And You And I ` Wonderous Stories
5. The Dance Of A Thousand Lights
6. Jane Seymour
7. The Meeting
8. Merlin The Magician
9. Catherine Of Aragon
10. Help! ` Eleanor Rigby
11. The Jig
  Rick Wakeman  and the English Rock Ensamble-  August 14 - 2010
Venue; Cropredy Festival Oxfordshire UK

Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Lee Pomeroy - bass
Dave Colquhoun - guitar
Tony Fernandez - drums
Ashley Holt - vocals

Intro, Journey to the center of the earth, intro, Catherine Parr, intro, Arthur medley/Last battle/Sir Lancelot/TheBlackKnight, intro,Merlin the Magician, intro, Starship Trooper.



Rick Wakeman & Family - Live at Blackfriars Abbey   Gloucester UK 15th June 2013 
Saturday (First Show at 18:15) featuring: Adam, Oliver & Jemma Wakeman
Venue: Blackfriars Abbey, 

The Band
Keys: Rick Wakeman
Keys, Guitar, Vocals & Bullhorn: Adam Wakeman
Keys & Vocals: Oliver Wakeman
Keys, Vocals & Vodka Shots: Jemma Wakeman
Lineage: Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH10 (Hi-SP) with external Sony ECM-MS907 Mic (in 90deg) placed on stone ledge, stage right about 10m back (on a base of 'blu-tack').
USB transfer to PC (WAV) -> Soundforge 9.0 -> Adjust Bass EQ (as above) Normalise to standard 'Music' setting -16db and track split -> TLH SB align and Flac encode (Level8)
Disc One - Set One
01. Sea Horses
02. Intros & Welcome
03. Oliver & Adam - LFW (a song for Oliver's wife)
04. Introduction to 'The Countdown'
05. Jemma - The Countdown
06. Introduction to 'Summer's End'
07. Adam - Summer's End
08. Introduction to 'Wooly Willy Tango'
09. Rick - Wooly Willy Tango
10. Introduction to 'Norweigan Wood & Help'
11. Rick & Family - Norweigan Wood & Help
12. Introduction to 'Always A Woman To Me'
13. Adam - Always A Woman To Me
14. Introduction to 'Jemma, Jump And Dance'
15. Rick & Family - Jemma, Jump And Dance (Part One)

Duration: 0:58:31

Disc Two - Set Two
01. Welcome back and introduction to 'Jemma, Jump And Dance'
02. Rick & Family - Jemma, Jump And Dance (Part Two)
03. Introduction to 'A Mayfair Kiss'
04. Oliver - A Mayfair Kiss
05. Introduction to 'Jiggajig'
06. Rick & Adam - Jiggajig
07. Introduction to 'Stranded'
08. Jemma - Stranded
09. Introduction to 'Elizabethan Pirates'
10. Oliver - Elizabethan Pirates
11. Introduction to 'Nursery Rhyme Concerto'
12. Rick - Nursery Rhyme Concerto
13. Introduction to 'In Too Deep'
14. Adam - In Too Deep
15. Introduction to 'Eleanor Rigby'
16. Rick & Family - Eleanor Rigby
17. Introduction to 'Sweet Georgia Brown'
18. Rick & Family - Sweet Georgia Brown
Rick Wakeman - Cheltenham, UK   Sunday 16th June 2013    "The Ultimate Experience 2013" (AUD)
featuring; The New English Rock Ensemble, The Cheltenham Symphony Orchestra, and The Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir
Venue: The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecouse, Cheltenham, UK

Quality: Pretty good for an audience recording I reckon - you be the judge, check the sound samples.
The Band:
Keyboards: Rick Wakeman,Guitar: Dave Colquhoun,Bass: Lee Pomeroy,Drums: Tony Fernandez,Vocals: Ashley Holt,Conductor: Guy Protheroe

Audience Recording Location: Row Q, at the back of first raised seating section, right side of stage, about 20m back.

Lineage: Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH10 (Hi-SP) with external Sony ECM-MS907 Mic (in 90deg) placed on balcony ledge just behind (and secured with 'blu-tack').
USB transfer to PC (WAV) -> Soundforge 9.0 (Normalise to standard 'Music' setting -16db and track split) -> TLH SB align and Flac encode (Level8)

Disc One - Set One
01. The Jig (note: the sound guys were fixing the overall sound mix thoroughout this opening track)
02. Introduction to 'King Arthur'
03. King Arthur
04. Introduction to 'Gone But Not Forgotten'
05. Gone But Not Forgotten
06. Introduction to 'Catherine Howard'
07. Catherine Howard
08. Introduction to 'Morning Has Broken'
09. Morning Has Broken
10. Introduction to 'Help & Eleanor Rigby'
11. Help / Eleanor Rigby

Disc Two - Set Two
01. Dance Of A Thousand Lights
02. Introduction to 'Merlin'
03. Merlin The Magician
04. Introduction to 'After The Ball'
05. After The Ball
06. Introduction to 'Jane Seymour'
07. Jane Seymour
08. Introduction to 'Journey'
09. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
10. Band Intros and Thanks
11. Starship Trooper
Rick Wakeman - Cheltenham Centaur, Cheltenham, UK 17 june 2013
Venue Centaur (Cheltenham Racecourse), Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Type Audience  Quality A (Exc Aud.)

Brilliant really enjoyable concert, Rick Wakeman and his band at their best. Hope you like the recording and please remember to support the artist(s) by buying their music.

Lineage: Recorded on Pocketrax CX @48k > SD Card -> Down Sampled to 44khz >Tracked on Adobe Audition > TLH > Flac 8. 

Band Members
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards,Dave Colquhoun - Guitar, Vocals,Lee Pomeroy - Bass, Vocals,Tony Fernandez - Drums, Percussion,Ashley Holt - Vocals, Percussion
Guy Protheroe - Conductor, The Cheltenham Symphoney Ochestra, The Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir

Set List
Disc 1 64:46
01 Jig 4:51
02 Excerpts from: King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table 20:29
03 Gone But Not Forgotten 5:56
04 Catherine Howard 11:30
05 Morning Has Broken 5:16
06 Help/Eleanor Rigby 11:05
07 The Dance of a Thousand Lights 6:00

Disc 2 73:42
08 Merlin the Magician 9:26
09 After the Ball 10:50
10 Jane Seymour 10:38
11 Excerpts from: Journey to the Center of the Earth 29:02
12 Starship Trooper 13:47


  Rick Wakeman   London  April 28 -  2014
Royal Albert Hall
Taper: phundercover

Lineage: Zoom H2 (built in mics) > USB > HD > Sound Studio (editing, tracking, fades) > xACT (tags, encoding, sector boundary alignment)\
Editing: boosted volume

Set 1
01. Introduction\
02. Chat: Cat Stevens\
03. Morning Has Broken\
04. Chat: Working With David Bowie\
05. Life On Mars (with Hayley Sanderson)\
06. Chat: On Tour With Journey\
07. Summertime (with Ashley Holt)\
08. Chat: The Genesis of Journey\
09. Eleanor Rigby\
Set 2\
01. The Preface\
02. The Journey Overture\
03. The Journey's Dawn\
04. Crystals\
05. The Gothic Cathedral\
06. The Quest For Water\
07. The Hansbach\
08. Fervent Prayer\
09. The Recollection\
10. Lost And Found\
11. Echoes\
12. 4 Miles\
13. The Reunion\
14. A New Vista\
15. A World Within A World\
16. The Raft\
17. The Battle\
18. Cumulus Clouds\
19. The Storm\
20. The Cemetery\
21. Quaternary Man\
22. The Ravine\
23. The Dance Of A Thousand Lights\
24. Mastodons\
25. Ages Of Man\
26. The Tunnel\
27. Hall Of The Mountain King\
28. Mount Etna\
01. Band Introductions\
02. The Electric Storm\
03. Ride Of Your Life\
04. Ages Of Man Jam\
05. Hall Of The Mountain King\
06. Mount Etna\
With,The New World Symphony Orchestra\
The English Chamber Choir , Philip Franks (Narrator)
Hayley Sanderson - Vocals  Ashley Holt - Vocals  Tony Fernandez - Drums Dave Colquhoun - Guitars Matt Pegg - Bass 
  Rick Wakeman   October 27  /  2014 
Venue Teatro Bradesco - Sao Paulo 
Country Brazil 

Type AUD 

Band Line-Up 
Tony Fernandez - Drums
Matt Pegg - Bass
Dave Colquhoun - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Ashley Holt - Vocals and Percussion

Set List:
00 Introduction
01 Journey Medley
02 Catherine Parr
03 White Rock
04 Drums Solo
05 King Arthur Medley
06 Jane Seymour
07 The Visit
08 Catherine Howard
09 No Earthly Connection Medley
10 Merlin The Magician
XX Starship Trooper (missing)

Total Running Time: 1:58:44


CA 14 Church Audio Mic - Zoom H4N - Wave Stereo 44.000 Hz/16 Bit - Edited with Sound Forge 10 - Converted to Flac Level 8 with Audacity 


  Rick Wakeman - Wavendon, UK      18 februari 2015
Evening with Rick Wakeman , United Kingdom
Type Audience  Quality A 

Source: Audience master\
Taper: phundercover\
Lineage: Zoom H2 (built in mics) > USB > HD > Sound Studio (editing, tracking, fades) > xACT (sector boundary alignment, encoding, tags)\
Settings: Mid-side (MS) stereo mode, volume: 3\
Edits: Increased LHC+10db, RHC +14db\
CD 1:\
01. Pachelbel Canon in D\
02. Chat - The First Piece I Played In Concert\
03. See A Monkey On A Stick > The Jig\
04. Chat - Henry VIII at Hampton Court\
05. Catherine Howard\
06. Chat - Session Work\
07. Morning Has Broken\
08. Chat - Jon Anderson painting\
09. And You And I > Wondrous Stories\
10. Chat - Play Something Intellectual\
11. Nursery Rhyme Concerto\
CD 2:\
01. Chat - Northolt Old People's Home\
02. Dance Of A Thousand Lights\
03. Chat - Flying To Munich\
04. Chat - Playing On David Bowie's Hunky Dory\
05. Life On Mars?\
06. Chat - Lingerie Business\
07. Eleanor Rigby\
08. Chat - Meeting Fans\
09. Merlin The Magician\
Wavendon is pronounced 'wave-n-don' and not 'wav-en-don'}





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